Data Protection

We protect data from the moment it is created until it is destroyed
ensuring regulatory compliance.

Strategy and Governance

Data security strategy design and data lifecycle design based on company policies.

Access and Capture

Authentication and access authorization, classifying information and data sources.

Storage and Processing

Encryption and tokenization for data protection at rest, in transit, and during operation.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring and data governance. Control and monitoring of updates and security patches.

Data Safely Managed

We define or enhance organizational policies and processes aimed at facilitating and controlling access to your organization's data.

Information classification and security of the integration points between the big data platform and the data sources; IAM polices, roles, and users by module/application.

Encryption and tokenization for data protection at rest, in transit, and during operation. Masking of productive data for safe use in non-productive environments. Complying with data protection regulations.

Design of the data security strategy. Life cycle; retention and disposal of data by operational units and organizational policies, processes, and procedures.

We make sure that all the data is correctly adapted to current regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, etc).

We design and adapt your organization’s security policies from the perspective of data security.

We fortify systems and intrusion tests at the system and network level on a regular basis. We make sure that all data is transmitted in an encrypted manner.

We integrate security into the development life cycle and carry out ethical hacking audits on the platform.

Through our virtual SOC and monitoring team, we can track all events generated in real-time and detect security incidents.

Security monitoring of all platform components (big data/analytics modules, infrastructure, IAM, API calls, cloud components, etc) and data governance.

We carry out platform security monitoring and audits. Control and monitor updates and security patches.

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